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Strategic Advisory

Our focus is to leverage on our network and our local and global experience to deliver to our clients and strategic partners, the best deal opportunities in Ghana. Our focus on delivering quality services serve as a unique advantage. The firm’s strong relationships with several significant companies across different industries provide our client base with the opportunity to benefit from this network.

Infrastructure and Project Advisory

The gap in key infrastructure is huge in Ghana, and our view and the reality is that Governments alone cannot fund these projects. In light of this, strategic partnerships between government and the private sector are becoming more common for public infrastructure. Our focus is to help governments by creating and overseeing solutions that leverage private sector resources in the financing and development of infrastructure projects. We also serve our private sector clients who bid on infrastructure projects or who are involved in the development of public purpose infrastructure to select and execute delivery models that best achieve infrastructure objectives.

Real Estate Services

Our real estate business seeks to satisfy our clients by providing the opportunity and forum for buyers and sellers of properties to engage in fruitful negotiations. The firm also actively seeks to develop niche opportunities in this sector. Our extensive knowledge in the real estate space enables the firm to grow out its portfolio with a focus on creating an asset base that delivers significant yield both to the firm and its partner developers.

Treasury Strategy & Advisory

We provide tailored advice to our clients on managing financial market risk. While there is a challenge in bringing risk levels down to zero, we do understand the need to assist our clients to mitigate the risks inherent in their businesses through the use of hedging instruments. With our extensive experience in the Financial markets, we provide our clients with independent and impartial advice on the FX market, Commodity and Interest Rate markets, and developing strategies to mitigate market risks. Our capabilities extend to identifying the appropriate counter-parties and products to match the risk appetite of each of our clients.

Offshore Trusts & Holding Companies

The firm has partnered with METIS OFFSHORE to cater to our clients who want to create Trusts, Offshore Companies and Economic Citizenship in Mauritius, Antigua and The British Virgin Islands. Our goal is to assist our clients in creating viable succession planning in family businesses, for wealth management purposes and above all to separate personal assets and real estate to remove the risk of ongoing business activities.

Y21 B Agostino Neto Road
Airport Residential Area
Accra, Ghana

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